New Track: "Into My Own"

On “Into My Own,” Amthem pays homage to their roots. The title — borrowed from a Robert Frost poem about personal growth and gaining confidence — is an apt description on a number of levels, most notably the way the music appears to be building towards something greater.

  1. Into My Own Amthem Buy 5:15

Great Review from InTune Indie

Thanks to InTune Indie for including us as one of their bands to watch this year.

“Songs In the Key of Sad is an atmospheric amalgamation of synth and raw emotion that puts Amthem’s full talent on display. Not only is it one of the best releases if the year, but we’re almost certain we’ll still be talking about it 100 years from now.”

Songs In the Key of Sad Out Now!

This is it, friends! The new album Songs In the Key of Sad is now available at your favorite indie shop and our website in vinyl, CD, or digital download. It’s been a labor of love and we’re excited to finally put it in your hands and your ears. As a token of our appreciation, stream the full thing here for a limited time.

  1. Scenes From Yesterday Amthem Buy 2:43
  2. Death of Solitude Amthem Buy 1:48
  3. Fifty-Seven Seconds of Silence Amthem Buy 1:33
  4. Shifting Winds Amthem Buy 2:41
  5. Forgotten Faces Amthem Buy 2:58
  6. E Minor Amthem Buy 2:35
  7. Absence of Light Amthem Buy 1:15
  8. Silence Was Her Reply Amthem Buy 1:56
  9. Too Much Truth For a Dream Amthem Buy 1:47
  10. Reflections of Me Amthem Buy 1:56
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  1. Fifty-Seven Seconds of Silence Amthem 2:43
  2. Forgotten Faces Amthem 1:56
  3. Space Rendezvous Amthem 1:38
  4. Epoch B1875.0 Amthem 2:09
  5. Electronic Pony Mouse Amthem 1:04