Unlimited Colors

Have a favorite color or need something that complements your website? CueBar has you covered. Select a background color and watch the controls automatically adjust for optimal contrast.

Always Available

CueBar anchors to the bottom of the screen so your audio is always available.

“...that's really slick!”

Chris Begley - Batman-News.com

Ready for Your Device

People are accessing your site from from all kinds of devices. Use CueBar and give them access to your music too.

Start Adding Audio to Your Website

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Feature Overview

  • Simple on Purpose

    Focus on presenting your music and nothing else.

  • Continuous Playback

    CueBar remembers track progress from one page to the next.

  • Easy Setup

    Built on our free plugin Cue (the “Cue” in CueBar) for easy setup.

  • Built for WordPress

    Seamless integration with self-hosted WordPress sites.

  • Multiple Sources

    Upload audio or insert links to remote sources (Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc).

  • Responsive

    Adapts to the device used to access your site for optimal viewing.