Chaos In Reverse Out Now!

This is it, friends! The new album Chaos In Reverse is now available at your favorite indie shop and our website in vinyl, CD, or digital download. It’s been a labor of love and we’re excited to finally put it in your hands and your ears. As a token of our appreciation, stream the full thing here for a limited time.

  1. Still Water Ovation Buy 0:38
  2. Vision of Saint John Ovation Buy 1:02
  3. Something To Look At Ovation Buy 0:49
  4. Fade Away Ovation Buy 0:30
  5. A Flood Called Silent Ovation Buy 2:55
  6. Retrograde Amnesia Ovation Buy 0:45
  7. Eight Solemn Bells Ovation Buy 1:19
  8. Quiet Minds Ovation Buy 1:44
  9. A House Without Furniture Ovation Buy 3:07
  10. Troubled Water Ovation Buy 1:22


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