Nowell WordPress AudioTheme Features Overview

Nowell is a 100% responsive WordPress music theme focused on clean simplicity from the front page to its archive pages. The idea behind Nowell was to simplify the home page and help focus visitors attention to content we want them to see. More often than not, music sites tend to be overloaded as far too much information on the home page, making it difficult for the visitors to focus and find what they’re looking for.

SoundCloud Embeds

This is an example of how SoundCloud embeds will display in Nowell. By default, WordPress allows you to simply paste in the SoundCloud embed URL into the content area.

Embed URL:

Manage Your Gigs and Venues

If you’re a touring musician, it’s likely gigs are the lifeblood of your business. Use AudioTheme to manage and share the details of those gigs: dates, times, venues, ticket pricing, tour information, and a brief description.

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Featured Images Really Shine In This Theme

In Twenty Fourteen, featured images make your site even better looking. Featured images work best with images at least 672px wide and 1038px wide for full-width layout.

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Markup and Formatting

Typography is the foundation of any design project we work on. In fact, we begin every project by first establishing the governing rules of type ensuring maximum readability comfort across all screen resolutions.

This is accomplished by taking into account everything from vertical rhythm, to comfortable reading measures, to scalable typography and incremental leading. All font sizes are set in relative em measurements which allows for the proportional scaling of font sizes based on the end user’s browser settings. This page represents base styles and rules for type and should be considered a work in progress. You can always let us know where these styles can be improved for by dropping us a line @AudioTheme on Twitter.

Top Level Header

Above is an example of a top level header element, or the h1 tag. All page titles have been set in this tag. Consider using the Second Level Header tag, h2, for any important page level headings.

Second Level Header

As mentioned above, the Second Level Header is best used for important page level headings. Though there is no hard and fast rule regarding the amount of h1 tags allowed on a page, I tend to always only use one and rely on h2 for critical page headings.

Third Level Header

The Third Level Header may be used for any form of page level headings which falls below the h2 header in a document hierarchy.

Fourth Level Header

The Fourth Level Header may be used for any form of page level headings which falls below the h3 header in a document hierarchy.

Fifth Level Header

The Fifth Level Header may be used for any form of page level headings which falls below the h4 header in a document hierarchy.

Sixth Level Header

The Sixth Level Header may be used for any form of page level headings which falls below the h5 header in a document hierarchy.

Text Alignment


This is a paragraph. It should not have any alignment of any kind. It should just flow like you would normally expect. Nothing fancy. Just straight up text, free flowing, with love. Completely neutral and not picking a side or sitting on the fence. It just is. It just freaking is. It likes where it is. It does not feel compelled to pick a side. Leave him be. It will just be better that way. Trust me.

Left Align

This is a paragraph. It is left aligned. Because of this, it is a bit more liberal in it’s views. It’s favorite color is green. Left align tends to be more eco-friendly, but it provides no concrete evidence that it really is. Even though it likes share the wealth evenly, it leaves the equal distribution up to justified alignment.

Center Align

This is a paragraph. It is center aligned. Center is, but nature, a fence sitter. A flip flopper. It has a difficult time making up its mind. It wants to pick a side. Really, it does. It has the best intentions, but it tends to complicate matters more than help. The best you can do is try to win it over and hope for the best. I hear center align does take bribes.

Right Align

This is a paragraph. It is right aligned. It is a bit more conservative in it’s views. It’s prefers to not be told what to do or how to do it. Right align totally owns a slew of guns and loves to head to the range for some practice. Which is cool and all. I mean, it’s a pretty good shot from at least four or five football fields away. Dead on. So boss.

Discography Made Easy

Your discography is the window through which listeners are introduced to and discover your music. Use AudioTheme to encourage that discovery on your website through a detailed and organized history of your recorded output.

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Video Library

Collect your videos from a wide variety of services and present them to your fans in one place. Videos in Nowell can be view via a lightbox on video archive pages. This makes viewing videos quick and easy without ever having to leave the page. Check out the video archive to see how your videos will be displayed.

Single page videos are pretty slick, too. The featured thumbnail on single videos will display behind the video. Nowell provides a theme option to customize the appearance of that background image, too, by making it grayscale, sepia, transparent, blurry or a mixture of all of them.

Another Aside

This is an example of aside format. It will be displayed without a title. Aside posts are brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes.

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